Tracy Thrower Conyers HeadshotHello and welcome to my digital CV.  Here you can get a sense of where I’ve been professionally and how it got me to where I am today.

The short version of my background is that I was a 10+ year complex litigator when I took an accidental detour as an entrepreneur into the shiny and new world of online marketing for real estate professionals in 2002. After 5+ years in that space, I rejoined the legal profession as a legal recruiter, matching highly-credentialed attorneys with new opportunities. You can see the longer version of my “story” on my CV Page.

I am also a proud social media geek dating back to a time when nobody had yet heard the term “social media, courtesy of my tour through the real estate industry as a web marketing vendor.”  Today, I write and share regularly on topics related to attorney practice building, digital reputation enhancement and content marketing with social media.

To see more on my current projects, look at my blogroll below.  I also invite you to find me on LinkedIn, Twitter (here and here) and Google +, where I regularly post links and updates related to social media for lawyers, attorney job hunting in the digital age and professional online reputation management.